Chef Ando in the Raw

Raw fish is sizzling hot right now. Abu Dhabi’s legendary Chef Ando Takaski sits down with Yalla to explain the appeal and further decode his Omakase menu at Tori No Su.

Would you call yourself a Sushi Master?

No. A Sushi Master is a chef skilled only in preparing sushi. I consider myself a Japanese Cuisine Kitchen Master, because I excel in both hot and cold dishes.

What or who inspires your cooking?

I love my grandmother’s food. She introduced me to cooking, and she inspires me a lot.

Do you have a favourite ingredient, recipe, or dish?

Bonito akes (Katsuoboshi) and Konbu (Kelp) are widely used Japanese ingredients. My favourite dish is the Gindara Misoyaki ( Grilled black cod marinated in miso).

What do you think makes sushi such a special dish compared to other Japanese dishes?

Sushi is special, because its preparation involves a unique variety of fresh seasonal seafood available throughout Japan.

Explain the concept of Omakase?

Omakase is simply put “Leave it to the Chef.” A multi-course menu is crafted by the Head Chef and always makes for a very memorable dining experience.

What can a diner expect when they order an Omakase menu at Tori No Su?

A selection of fresh seasonal ingredients prepared in special new ways arranged exclusively by the Head chef.

If you were a sushi, what sushi would you be and why?

If I were a sushi, I would be a Blue n Tuna Sushi which is the rock star of Japanese cuisine; it can be used widely from authentic to modern style ways of cooking.

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Created by the Yalla Team on March 2019

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