Emirati Experiences: Meet Saleh Al Ameri

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Saleh Al Ameri exudes enthusiasm for his native Abu Dhabi and its food. He leads tours to share his passion for traditional Emirati cuisine in a casual—and filling—food-lovers’ tour for those looking to experience the culture through its cuisine.

Saleh says...

Come hungry and prepared to try new things. You will leave my tour knowing a lot about the city and bursting at the seams.

What prompted you to guide a Food Tour for visitors?

The first thing I want to try when I travel is the region’s/city’s food. I created this tour to help visitors get out of the hotels and onto the streets to eat like a local — just like I do when I go out with my friends. Visitors don’t always try Emirati food. I want them to, not just try our food, but to understand it and leave with some

knowledge about it.

What role do you believe food plays in travel?

When you know a country’s food, you know its culture. We all have to eat and many of us, like me, live to eat. I think there is no better way to explore a country and its people than by

trying its food. I also think it’s very important to eat in the small, family-owned restaurants and to try foods that are steeped in UAE tradition.

What happens on your tour?

I pick my guests up, and we talk about Abu Dhabi, cars, culture -- anything they are interested in. Then, depending on the time of day, I take them to Heritage Village first for a

walking tour to work up a big appetite. Then, we go to my favourite breakfast spot. We drink coffee, learn about UAE coffee traditions and then we eat a lot. Whatever meal they choose, I take them to surprising places. We eat and laugh, and everyone leaves with a much better understanding of the UAE.

To learn more about the Emirati Food Tour, contact Saleh directly by phone at +971 55 968 5639 or by email at s.j.s.alameeri@gmail.com.

Published on April 2018


+971 2 491 9760

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