High Steaks at Ray’s

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Celebrating a big occasion or have an out-of-town visitor that you need to impress? Go straight to Ray’s Grill for the highest steaks and best views in the city.

The Perfect Cut

It’s hard to beat a nice, juicy steak from Ray’s, but replicating that perfectly cooked cut at home is not easy. Ray’s Executive Chef Daniel reveals his secret cut.

The perfect steak starts with the perfect cut. I’m not a fan of the usual cuts: tenderloin, striploin, or rib eye. I prefer Feather Blade also known as Butler’s Steak or Flat Iron. This is one of the most tender, juicy, and flavoursome cuts of beef you will ever taste. It comes from the shoulder of the animal and isn’t expensive. Just ask your butcher to remove the tough sinew right in the middle, and then you are ready to start.

I also suggest you be a bit adventurous with your seasoning. Ray’s Grill’s selection of salts, peppers, and mustards sourced from all over the world elevates your steak to another level,

and they are available for purchase, so you can try them at home.

When your ears pop in the elevator on your way to the 63rd floor, you know you’re almost at Ray’s Grill. No matter where you sit, you will be treated to the very best views in the capital. No matter what you order, trust that this is the spot to savour an exceptional steak.

Sleek and simple, the décor in Ray’s is chic, and every single table offers a panoramic view of the skyline, so there’s not a bad seat in the house. The service at Ray’s is impeccable. Friendly and confident servers know their steaks as well as their pairings. Do ask your server to suggest a beverage that suits your steak. You are likely to be unusually pleased and

surprised by the suggestion.

Discerning meat lovers will be taken on a culinary journey through a diversity of world-famous cattle breeds sourced from the finest producers in Australia, Ireland, France, and

the USA. Be sure to ask about Ray’s elusive salt menu, and your server will wheel over a trolley of salts from around the world. Likewise, there is an extensive selection of mustards

and peppers to complement your cut. Do ask your server to guide you through the condiments.

Allow Ray’s Grill to entice you with its high-quality fare, exceptional service, and panoramic city views.

Ray’s Grill, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. 02 811 5666

Published on October 2018


+971 2 491 9760

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