Middle Eastern Cuisine

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Every area of the Middle East has its own specialties with oils, spices, fruit and mint playing a strong part. For something different, summon up your culinary courage and enjoy some camel, mandi, harees, luqaimat or manaish!


Sambusek is an upbeat Lebanese eatery that is stylish and modern, with a traditional element to its cuisine. Sambusek delights both seafood and meat lovers with the quality and

freshness of its ingredients. A popular choice for lunchtime or early evening, the finest meats and freshest fish are grilled to perfection to the approval of the people who know good Lebanese cuisine! Be sure to try some. Enjoy the terrace during the evening for drinks, some hot and cold mezze and the superb city views. Your visit won’t be complete without some cheese sambousek and spinach fatayer - traditional Lebanese pastries. Oh, and don’t miss the baklawa - delectable! Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Al Maryah. Open, 12pm - 12am.

Telephone: +971 2 813 5552


Kamoon is the perfect place to sample a wide range of outstanding Arabic food in a traditional setting. The captivating ambiance with scenic views of the Arabian Gulf is just the

beginning of this delightful dining experience. Enjoy a wide range of mocktails and juices, some of which are subtly flavoured with cumin (kamoon) to enhance the taste. The highlights, not to be missed, are the fantastic hummous, scooped up with fresh Arabic bread, as well as the meshawih (grills), both seafood and meat. Finish your evening with an Abu Dhabi must try, Knafeh Nabulseyeh, a glorious sweet cheese pastry finished with sugar syrup. Visit Kamoon today to delight in the world of great flavours. Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana, West Corniche. Open, 12pm - 11.30pm,

12pm - 12.30am (weekends). Telephone: +971 2 6570111


For a truly authentic Yemeni and Gulf food experience, go to Besbas. You can choose to eat at a table or on the floor, as many of their guests do while you enjoy the best mandhi and madfoon. We loved the fahsa, a type of stew cooked in a clay pot. A truly Abu Dhabi experience! Al Khalidiya

Hidden Gems

Go to Al Farah Bakery behind Hamdan Street in the city for the best manaish stuffed with labneh in the city! Don’t be fooled by the name, the best luqaimat in town can be purchased

from Kabab Al Dhiafa behind Carrefour on Airport Road. Luqaimat is the favourite dessert of

Emiratis, and why not? Deep fried dough, drizzled with date syrup – you can’t go wrong!

Al Fanar is a truly Emirati eatery: it’s decorated in the style of 1960s UAE and the cuisine is entirely Emirati. You can even sit on the floor to eat if you so choose!


Also check out...

Make a point of seeking out Al Askandarani in the Mina Fish Market. Buy your fresh fish at the market then take it to them to have it cooked. Choose whichever method and spice accompaniments you like – all for around AED25!

Al Dhafra in Mina Port serves the freshest of seafood and other middle eastern options while you sit in traditional booths or outside on the docks.

Al Liwan for traditional Middle Eastern dishes - especially try the hummous with ghee and pine nuts.

Published on November 2017


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